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Electric Golf Cart Rentals

Low Speed Vehicles are basically road legal golf carts. They meet all of the requirements of a regular car from safety restraints to head lights and mirrors, however they are only required to travel 25 MPH. Since LSV’s only travel at a top speed of 25 MPH they are restricted to roads not exceeding 35 MPH. Our carts are driven just like cars and follow the same rules of the road.


They plug into normal outlets and cost less than $0.09 to charge to full. Don’t forget, these carts do need to be charged after about 25-30 miles of pure joy! Drive it just like a car in the roadways. They require very little maintenance, fits anywhere and is, of course, 100% legal to ride with a valid driver’s license. All LSV are electric.


Serving the Ocean City area, New Jersey.


Check Out New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission page on Low Speed Vehicles, HERE.